Is a 55+ home a good Investment?

Is a 55+ home a good Investment?

Buying a house is a life changing event, which some people can’t even afford, especially youngsters. That is why it is such a difficult decision to make. There are expectations that need to be met because an investment entails a future profit. However, after 2008,...

Questions to ask when considering an Active Adult Community

Questions to ask when considering an Active Adult Community

While many retirees welcome the idea of moving to a retirement community with enthusiasm, others may be reluctant to take this big step. Moving to a retirement community entails a change of lifestyle. Hence, here are some important questions and inquiries you may be...

Skincare tips for 55+ adults

Skincare tips for 55+ adults

Skin Aging is a natural process that happens when the skin starts to lose its ability to regenerate itself. Pigmentation, lack of elasticity, and alteration on the collagen fibers are some of the signs that indicate that this process is beginning. But don’t panic!...

How to stay physically active in retirement

How to stay physically active in retirement

Many people mistakenly think that aging equals a less active lifestyle. On the contrary, this is a time in our lives when we finally have free time after years of hard work, and can enjoy activities we’ve been longing to do. Plus, these activities can have a positive...

Pros and Cons of 55+ Communities

For some people, deciding to finally make the move to an adult community is difficult. If you’re having a hard time to decide how you want to spend your golden years, this list will help you make up your mind.

Learn the Pros and Cons of 55+ Active Adult Communities

Living in a low-maintenance community saves you time

Not having to worry about heavy-duty maintenance such as mowing the lawn is a relief for people that wish to spend more time traveling and engaging in more enjoyable activities. It is also especially helpful for older adults with mobility challenges.

However, you should read the terms of maintenance of the adult community of your choice, since you probably would have to deal with some kind of home repairs.

55+ communities come with special advantages

Special services and amenities are often offered at this type of community in the hope of promoting an active, healthy lifestyle with plenty of social interaction. A clubhouse is usually placed in the middle of the complex, with kitchens, pools and patios that rival those of a resort. Sometimes, even golf courses and gardens are part of the deal.

However, take into consideration your healthcare needs. Adult communities do not necessarily offer healthcare services or have health centers nearby. Corbinton Living does have health centers nearby in North Carolina!

You get to live around people with the same interests as you

Getting the chance to live near people the same age is a good way to get to know neighbors with similar interests and form meaningful relationships. Most communities have centralized clubhouses where you can chat and make new friends.

On the other hand, some 55+ communities are very large, which can make visiting friends, especially during winter months, a little bit difficult.

A peaceful neighborhood

Age restrictions are usually the game changers for these communities. With no children living in the area, these complexes are free from noisy neighbors and their taxes are usually lower because of the lack of schools and government services that need support. Of course, visitors are always allowed, because who wouldn’t want their grandchildren to visit?

On the other hand, some people will refrain from living far from their younger relatives. Check your selected community’s policies regarding visitors.

Still not sure about if a 55+ community is the best for you? Ask for a consultation to see our communities and get to know everything about their benefits.

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