Ideas for hobbies after retirement

Ideas for hobbies after retirement

While in our forties we look forward to our time of retirement, we suddenly find ourselves trying to fill the hours in the day after that time finally comes. Retirement rewards us with rest after a lifetime of working tirelessly, but the sudden lack of activity can...

Pros and Cons of 55+ Communities

Pros and Cons of 55+ Communities

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A Deeper Look: Charlotte’s Urban Neighborhoods

A Deeper Look: Charlotte’s Urban Neighborhoods

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Lake Wylie: The Perfect Getaway in Charlotte

Lake Wylie: The Perfect Getaway in Charlotte

Lake Wylie: a man-made lake in the U.S. states of South Carolina and North Carolina that extends to around 13,400 acres and features 325 miles of shoreline, from which residents of nearby cities including Charlotte, Fort Mill, and Rock Hill can spend days enjoying the...

Charlotte, NC: What’s All the Fuss About?

Charlotte, NC: What’s All the Fuss About?

As a retiree looking for a place to settle in your golden years, you’ve probably heard or read about the increasing population in North Carolina’s cities such as Cary, Raleigh and especially Charlotte, the ‘Queen City’. For both young families and the older...

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New interior-design trends to make your house look great in 2021!

New year, new me!”, is the motto we hear at the beginning of the year. This is true not only for the people but for the interior of our comfy homes. 

Some features that we used to see everywhere during the 2010’s are fading away while new gimmicks are coming to stay for a while. We want to show you some of these new options so your house can look brand-new!

  • Bold colors are the new gray for the kitchen

All-gray kitchens became a great way to create a space of clean and organized work. They added elegance to the kitchen and made it look more minimalistic. 

Unfortunately, this also makes them feel cold and lack distinction. For this reason, painting the space with bold colors, such as indigo blue, is becoming everyday more popular. This not only keeps the organized and minimalistic look, but also  brings new brightness to the kitchen so your guests will be dazzled with your cooking station!

  • Time to add some colors to the rooms

Talking about minimalism, the “all-white interiors” fostered by minimalism, is starting to fade to add new colorful features to the interior in order to create some visual interest.

This does not mean it’s time to repaint the whole room, but adding some colorful decorations that pop-out will add a new level to your living room or bedroom.

  • The love for mid-century furniture is running out

Not long ago, when entering into a house we were probably going to find some furniture that showed walnut wood grain, spindle legs, and geometric prints. This is a trend of the 1950’s that came back in the 2010’s. This love for the 50’s is running out, though.

 Maybe it’s time to start thinking about a new sofa and coffee table!

  • Good-bye to the accent walls

During the minimalistic boom, interiors were usually “accented” by painting or wallpapering a wall differently than the others.

This made the interior look more interesting, but nowadays can be seen as too distracting. There is a push nowadays for returning to monochromatic walls that blend with the decor, to avoid unnecessary distractions. 

  • No need for matching furniture sets

Having matching furniture gave the room a sense of consistency, something that during the last decade was highly requested. Nowadays, having different types of furniture helps the owner express their personality, which is becoming extremely popular. So don’t worry about getting that perfect wood table that matches with your sofa, just express yourself and mix furniture to your heart’s content!


Decorating your home is part of printing your personality and preferences on it. There is no perfect type of interior-design, because you are the one who decides how your perfect house looks, but it’s always good to have a tip or two about what is becoming a trend these days. 

Have some ideas already? We’d love to help you create your perfect interior living space at our newest Corbinton community, Corbinton at Kildaire Farm.  Contact us today at 1-888-523-9070!