Questions to ask when considering an Active Adult Community

Questions to ask when considering an Active Adult Community

While many retirees welcome the idea of moving to a retirement community with enthusiasm, others may be reluctant to take this big step. Moving to a retirement community entails a change of lifestyle. Hence, here are some important questions and inquiries you may be...

Skincare tips for 55+ adults

Skincare tips for 55+ adults

Skin Aging is a natural process that happens when the skin starts to lose its ability to regenerate itself. Pigmentation, lack of elasticity, and alteration on the collagen fibers are some of the signs that indicate that this process is beginning. But don’t panic!...

Ideas for hobbies after retirement

Ideas for hobbies after retirement

While in our forties we look forward to our time of retirement, we suddenly find ourselves trying to fill the hours in the day after that time finally comes. Retirement rewards us with rest after a lifetime of working tirelessly, but the sudden lack of activity can...

Pros and Cons of 55+ Communities

Pros and Cons of 55+ Communities

For some people, deciding to finally make the move to an adult community is difficult. If you’re having a hard time to decide how you want to spend your golden years, this list will help you make up your mind. Learn the Pros and Cons of 55+ Active Adult Communities...

couple being physically active in retirement

How to stay physically active in retirement

Many people mistakenly think that aging equals a less active lifestyle. On the contrary, this is a time in our lives when we finally have free time after years of hard work, and can enjoy activities we’ve been longing to do. Plus, these activities can have a positive impact on our mental and physical health.

But, why is it so important to stay physically active? Not only do you get a chance to socialize, but it can prevent many of the health problems that seem to come with age. It enhances your cardiovascular health, helps your muscles grow stronger, and improves your mental health. Doing sport is particularly easy to do when living in an Active Adult Community, where you can find plenty of outdoor spaces and neighbors to interact with.

But let’s cut to the chase. Want to know what you can do?

Here are some activities you can do after retiring to stay active


Rheumatic problems such as knee and hip issues can affect your lifestyle. That is why yoga and other low-impact forms of exercise are a great way to stay flexible and build strength. Yoga is also great for PTSD and anxiety because it requires using meditation techniques.


Swimming is also a good low-impact activity, and especially attractive if you love summer and being in the water. If you can no longer run or jog without pain, swimming is a great way to gently improve your cardiovascular health and build strength. Places such as Lake Wylie, close to Charlotte, offer amazing landscapes to do new and exciting physical activities such as swimming.


If you have a dog, or want to chat with a neighbor, walking can be a great physical activity because it is a way to easily get moving without agitating yourself. Golfing implies a lot of walking as well, so either can be a great option if you are looking for other low-impact exercise.


When you cycle, the circular movements that propel you forward don’t strain the body as much as other activities. Hence, it’s an easy way to travel around, enjoy the landscapes at your adult community, and is eco-friendly!


This activity is wonderful if you’re looking to gain muscular health and lose weight as its dynamic nature keeps you constantly running and moving. However, consult your doctor first before playing as this sport is more rigorous than the others mentioned above.  


It pays to stay active. Neurodegenerative disorders such as loss of memory and muscular atrophy are some of the main consequences of aging that can be improved by doing any physical activity. This is possible to achieve when living in a comfortable, but exciting Active Adult Community. Ask for a consultation to see our communities and get to know everything about their benefits.

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