Is a 55+ home a good Investment?

Is a 55+ home a good Investment?

Buying a house is a life changing event, which some people can’t even afford, especially youngsters. That is why it is such a difficult decision to make. There are expectations that need to be met because an investment entails a future profit. However, after 2008,...

Questions to ask when considering an Active Adult Community

Questions to ask when considering an Active Adult Community

While many retirees welcome the idea of moving to a retirement community with enthusiasm, others may be reluctant to take this big step. Moving to a retirement community entails a change of lifestyle. Hence, here are some important questions and inquiries you may be...

Skincare tips for 55+ adults

Skincare tips for 55+ adults

Skin Aging is a natural process that happens when the skin starts to lose its ability to regenerate itself. Pigmentation, lack of elasticity, and alteration on the collagen fibers are some of the signs that indicate that this process is beginning. But don’t panic!...

How to stay physically active in retirement

How to stay physically active in retirement

Many people mistakenly think that aging equals a less active lifestyle. On the contrary, this is a time in our lives when we finally have free time after years of hard work, and can enjoy activities we’ve been longing to do. Plus, these activities can have a positive...

active adult lifestyle

Active Adult Lifestyle: breaking it down for you

An Active Adult Community makes reference to neighborhoods of homes owned exclusively by individuals or couples age 55 and older. The main objective with this concept is to directly meet the special needs of this portion of our society that have achieved so much in life and now deserve a peaceful and fulfilling retirement. 


Benefits of Active Retirement Communities

Here’s a list of things to consider if you are in this life stage and this lifestyle option sounds attractive to you:

Housing options

There’s a range of housing options you can pick from: you can find detached single-family homes, condominiums, garden homes or apartments. Whatever is most fitting to your desired lifestyle within our communities.

Special advantages

Reaching 55 means unlocking a lifestyle that wasn’t available before: these communities offer privileges like enhanced security, minimal maintenance and numerous comforts and amenities to choose from: Corbinton at Kildaire Farm offers serene natural spaces, activity areas, dog parks, close proximity to golf courses, shopping centers and more, which encourages social interaction and bonding with people with similar interest and more.

Residents of our communities find that all the time they previously spent maintaining their yards and pools can now be invested in much more desired activities. Traveling becomes attractive again once you realize your lawn and outdoor maintenance will be taken care of.

Age limitations and requirements

As mentioned before, this comfortable lifestyle isn’t available for just anyone. Each community has an age policy that can be set at 55 years, others may be higher, lower or have none at all. Policies about younger visitors should be revised as well.

Neighborhood regulations

In order to ensure the residents’ well being and happiness, all aspects of cohabitation are regulated. These rules and regulations often apply to number of occupants per housing, access to non-residents, restrictions on home customizations (painting, landscaping), pet restrictions, visitations and overnight stayings. This doesn’t mean grand-kids and loved ones visits would be restricted, as you’ll find family members are encouraged to spend time in the community’s facilities with their parents or grandparents.


These are the main considerations to keep in mind as you search for the home of your dreams. Think about the many advantages an Active Adult Community can provide to your health and quality of life while you take a look at our catalogue: Corbinton at Kildaire Farm offers all the commodities you need and surely deserve in this time of your life! Contact us to learn more.