Reclaim free time by getting a Low-Maintenance Home

Reclaim free time by getting a Low-Maintenance Home

Have you ever woken up feeling like visiting your friends or taking up a hobby and suddenly remembering the never-ending list of house chores you still have to finish? Before, when you were younger, it was less of a problem and maybe you had the help of your children,...

Choose a New Home for a Brand New Lifestyle

Choose a New Home for a Brand New Lifestyle

There is a moment in every person or family’s life when they need to look at their existing home and make a change. Maybe you need to move from your old home to an active adult community or wish to invest in the Real Estate market to become a proprietor. The reasons...

Virtual Home Buying Process

Virtual Home Buying Process

We are currently offering both private onsite appointments as well as virtual appointments as part of our Virtual and Modified Home Buying plan. Call 888-523-9070 to schedule your private onsite or virtual appointment.

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A Floor Plan Designed for this Stage of Your Life!

Time has passed and things have changed: your children are now independent and forming families and the big house you got years ago starts to look a little too big just for you. Furthermore, being in your golden years does not mean you are just sitting doing nothing. You probably have not given up on working, maybe you are pursuing the hobbies you could not pursue years ago or you are dedicated to a charitable cause that is dear to your heart. This can be hard to do when your home is not adapted to your new lifestyle.

You need a home that fits with your new needs and goals. Maybe you want to develop your artistic skills and need a room specially designed as an art studio; if you are still working, you might need a home office with a nice view; you might want to stay physically active and need a personal gym for your daily workouts. You need a home perfectly made for you: you need a home customized for you.

All that you need in your dream home with zero unwanted features

When you decide to buy a new home, it is almost impossible that a resale home will have all the characteristics you dream of. There might be too many rooms; maybe the view or location is not the best; perhaps you do not like the layout of the space. After all, each individual is different and though you might find something similar to what you want, at least once during the showing tour you will say, “We’ll have to change /remodel this”.

Furthermore, new homes allow you to decide where you will build your housing. Do you want to be closer to your kids or be a little further away from the noisy city? You can choose the perfect homesite that is only 10 minutes away from your work, or an active adult community with people that share your interests.

Custom-Built around your budget

Though at first glance, new homes might seem more expensive than resale homes, the costs of remodeling and the maintenance of extra rooms and space you might not use can be as or even more expensive. A new home that is customized for your budget so you determine how much you are willing to pay. This means you can create your perfect home with a fixed price and you will not have to pay for extra rooms or features you will rarely use.

New homes are made with long-lasting materials and energy-efficient features such as insulated roof and pipelines or pressure-treated wooden decks. This results in lower energy bills and fewer maintenance costs, which make new homes less expensive in the long run. Unlike resale homes, there will be no unpleasant surprises to tackle such as structural damages, roof repair or the need to update the heating or electric systems, meaning you can save that money to ask for more customized features for your home or spend it in whatever your heart desires.

While you’re thinking about your next home, take a look at the new maintenance-free homes of Corbinton communities we’re building here in North Carolina. Blue Heel Development’s team members will meet with you to help you write your next story!  Please check out our beautiful new home plans here or contact us to schedule a meeting!